Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Home alone

Well I'm sitting here by myself because my housemates have buggered off somewhere, thinking about life with the TV on watching a QI episode I saw earlier today. I could get up and change the channel, but the remote is broken and the button on the box itself is broken and barely works... Fun, huh?

It's at times like this when I'm reinforcing my knowledge with the help of Mr Fry, that I consider the possiblity that perhaps I should do something more constructive with my time. Very often the possibility is dismissed and I put it out of my mind then go grab a packet of crisps or something, but occasionally I switch off the set, grab a pen and paper (or my graphics tablet) and sit doodling for a couple of hours.

What emerges is very rarely a great pice of art (or barely art at all to be honest), but it really helps to frame a specific image of a location, object or character that I may have been thinking about recently. I won't actually be... posting any of these drawings by the way... Nobody has ever seen my awful sketches really- they're literally just lines on a page, and to the outside eye would really not make any sense, especially looking at some of the landscapes I've designed. But you never know! If I manage one that looks vaguely acceptable, it may appear another day!

Anyway, give it a go if you've been abandoned one day, it's genuinely very helpful! But I'm off now to go make myself appear clever by answering all the questions on the TV. Ciao!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Welcome to the Blogosphere

Well here I am, making a second foray into the realm of updated blog-type-website-things. If you count my Twitter and Facebook too I think I'm actually starting to become a quite well established presence on the web!

But yes, this blog shall primarily deal with my writing projects rather than anything else in particular. I may still post random crap (basically using this as an extended Twitter then) though, so that's something to look forwards too... I'll also update it (hopefully) once a day so there should usualy be something new here to take a peek at!

Anyway, this is just a short introduction post so I'll stop here for now. Something new tomorrow- how exciting!